How do we know if the right type of housing is being built in the GTA?

Demand for specific types of housing is always shifting in response to demographic change, economic conditions, mortgages rules and housing costs. Governments try to plan for future housing needs through policies such as the growth plans. Land developers and home builders also spend a lot of time planning their projects to meet the needs and wants of their buyers.  

Regardless of the type, we are falling short in two key areas of housing across the GTA:

  1. the total supply of new homes (of all types – single-family, townhouses and condominium apartments) needed to accommodate present and future growth, and;
  2. the type of housing referred to as the “missing middle.”

This “missing middle” or “gentle density” are mid-rise developments (5-11 stories), stacked townhomes (3-4 stories) and townhomes (1-3 stories). They can be built in areas with good public transit links and in new and established neighbourhoods that can handle the increased densities without losing neighbourhood and community character and vibrancy. This “missing middle”-type of housing is an efficient use of land and an excellent entry point into the property market for first time home buyers and young families.

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