Is housing people can afford being built in the GTA?

We recognize that affordability is a challenge across the GTA.

The industry aims to produce different types of housing at a range of prices and a wider variety of new housing options to drive increased affordability and density (close to transit where it makes sense) to help close the existing (and growing) housing shortage.

One of the reasons why homebuilders are building these different types of homes is because land for building new homes is in short supply across the GTA and most neighbourhoods in the urban cores of GTA municipalities are highly sought after. When combined with low housing supply and a low vacancy rates for rental properties, it leads to higher prices.

For first-time buyers looking to buy a home, it may mean looking outside the urban cores or city centers of the municipalities of the GTA, to new communities that may require people to commute or, if they want to buy in more established neighbourhoods, looking at condominiums or stacked townhomes.

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