How does development benefit residents of the GTA?

We all strive to help make the GTA a world-class region, one where people around the globe aspire to live, work and play. We want the GTA to thrive. A city flourishes when it is made up of communities that are desirable, functional and sustainable for all, whether you live here already or you’re someone considering it as a future home. It is the top priority of our industry to do our part and provide high quality homes of all types to meet the needs of this growing region.

Here are some benefits of development in the GTA:

Homes. We need more homes. And, as an industry, we’re providing a diversity of options to meet the needs of existing and new residents, whether it’s design accommodations for different family needs, offering a variety of price ranges and even building in different parts of the region.

Infrastructure. New development contributes to infrastructure. Every new home built contributes financially to providing new infrastructure – roads, water and waste water, parks and transit. With the growing number of people moving to the GTA, the region will see an increase in its tax base which means more opportunities to support existing infrastructure improvements and neighbourhood revitalization that benefit all of us. Our industry also aims to provide new places for people to play (community centres and public spaces), eat, shop and work.

Jobs, well-paying jobs. Our industry provides 120,000 jobs with a payroll of more than $7 billion for new homes and 150,000 jobs for renovators and custom home builders with payroll of $9 billion annually. Income tax revenue from these jobs in turn provides income to the provincial and federal governments to support programs and services in the region.

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