How do housing and condominium developments get approved?

There is a structured and regulated process to decide the kind of housing and the location of new housing in the GTA. The process is governed by the Ontario Planning Act.

Some of the key steps in the process include:

Official Plans

  • The first level is multiple levels of policy planning (municipal-led studies and plan making). Municipal Plans are the city or town’s Official Plans or Secondary Plans. These are essentially the blue-prints for how the city and its communities would like to develop and grow.

Development Proposals

  • The second level is development planning. This is developer-led with detailed land-use plans leading to building permits. These are the proposed developments that must be in line with municipal and provincial plan policies and consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement.

Community Consultation

  • During this process, municipal councils, the public, developers, planners, landowners and other experts engage in consultation and discussion. This plays an important role in shaping communities. You may have received letters from your city about these public meetings.

Final Approval

  • Any significant comments or concerns raised through each part of the process are assessed and all stakeholders re-engage with the issue to solve any matters of concern or technical issues.

After all of the above is completed, only then are building permits granted and development can begin.

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